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Do not use grease or any other type of lubricant on the gasket
when closing the housing. It does not increase the ability of
the gasket to make a proper seal.
Be careful not to get greasy fingerprints or dirt on the lens
port. This will affect the image quality. Wipe any dirt or
grease off with fresh water and a soft cloth.
Do not drop the housing on hard surfaces. It is not a shock
absorber, and could crack, affecting its watertight integrity.
It could also cause damage to the camera inside.
Travel with the housing protected in a padded case. It is
best to remove the camera from inside the housing when
traveling and provide it with its own protective case, or
Never dive with the Fantasea FL-3 and FL-4 housing to a
depth greater than 130 ft/40 meters.
It is recommended that you select the shortest time option
on the menu, for placing the camera into standby during
periods of inactivity. This will conserve battery power and
reduce the heat given off by the LCD screen, which can
contribute to condensation inside the housing and fogging.
It is strongly recommended to take the first dive without the
camera inside the housing. You should check that the water
tight seal has not been affected during transport and long
periods of storage.
It is recommended to have annual maintenance of all Fantasea
housings. This includes visual inspection and possible
changing of all seals / gaskets / o-rings. It is recommended
to use an authorized Fantasea Service Center for this purpose.
Please contact Fantasea Line by email: service@fantasea.com
or visit the Fantasea Customer Service section at the end of
this manual or on the Fantasea web site www.fantasea.com.
Visually check the condition of the gasket before every dive.
If it is dirty, clean it with fresh water and dry it with a soft
cloth as described above. If it is damaged in any way, such
as cut or perforated, replace it immediately.