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11: Delete button:
To delete the current displayed picture in the monitor, press
the Delete button. Two options appear: No or Yes. Highlight
wanted option and press the OK center button [#9].
Additionally, pressing the Delete button in full-frame or
thumbnail playback displays the same dialog requesting
confirmation for deletion. Follow the directions as stated
above to delete.
12: Mode Selector:
Select one of three modes:
Scene offers choice of 12 scenes plus assisted settings.
The settings are automatically optimized for selected
subject type.
Movie can shoot movies with recorded sound.
Automatic "point and shoot" mode. All parameters are
set automatically.
It is strongly recommended that you familiarize
yourself with all the controls topside before using
these controls while diving.
10: Playback button:
Press this button to display a picture in the monitor. You can
use the multi selector to view additional pictures in different
parameters [quick scroll, reverse order etc.]; pressing this
button again returns you to shooting mode.
To view pictures full-frame in monitor [full-frame playback],
press this button [if camera is off, pressing the button for
about a second will turn the camera on in playback mode].