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Numbered description below refers to corresponding numbers
on above graphic.
1: Shutter Release button:
This is a two stage shutter-release button. First lightly press
the shutter-release button halfway, stopping when you feel
minimal resistance. Once the camera has focused, press the
shutter-release button the rest of the way down to release the
shutter and take the picture.
2: Buckle to secure housing:
Refer to the section "Using the Fantasea FL-3 and FL-4
Housing" on how to open and close the camera housing.
3: Removable Flash diffuser:
To diffuse the flash's intensity [the internal flash]. See the
section on "Accessory Slave Flash" for additional information.
4: Lens Port:
Refer to the section "Inserting Camera" for useful information.
5 & 6: Zoom Control/Playback zoom and Thumbnail playback:
The zoom control is used to frame subjects in the monitor.
Select W to zoom out, increasing the area visible in the frame.
Select T to zoom up to 3x so that the subject fills a larger
area of the frame. Pressing T for about 2 seconds at 3x zoom
will trigger the digital zoom, allowing subject to be magnified
up to 4x more. Note that unlike the optical zoom, the digital
zoom will not increase the amount of detail visible in the
picture they are simply enlarged producing a slightly grainy
Pressing the W button in full-frame playback displays pictures
in contact sheets whereas pressing the T button can be used to
zoom in on pictures during full-frame playback.