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Be sure to use a slave flash that has the ability to
ignore the built-in pre-flash in digital cameras,
and synchronizes with the shutter release.
Lens Accessories:
The Fantasea FL-3 and FL-4 are designed to work with some of
the wide-angle and macro adapters that are currently on the
market. Fantasea Line offers a macro/wide angle converter lens
adapter for this purpose. The converter lens can be used with one
of its two elements for super macro images, or with both of its
elements for great wide angle images. Red Filters which go over
the lens port or on the converter lens itself are also available.
For more information on these items, see your local photo dealer
or visit our website at www.fantasea.com
Fantasea Coolpix Accessory Systems and Sets:
Fantasea Offers a variety of Coolpix (and other housings) sets
made up of quality accessory products which serve to enhance
and improve your underwater images. Products like external flash
systems, flexible arms, trays, filters, wide angle and macro lenses,
fiber optic cables and more. Below you can see one sample
system. For more information please refer to our website or to
the Fantasea Dealer where you purchased your housing.
Coolpix Nano Flash
Coolpix Housing
LED 44 focus light
Fiber Optic Cable
Double Slot Tray
2 Flex Arms
Coolpix Accessory System